Ferrari 420 Dino – 1st official news

Ferrari 420 Dino

The ‘little’ Ferrari is back. The Dino is expected to be on the roads in 2010. Thanks to Autoexpress who got the ultimate chance of seeing the first official pictures and further information, we can now see what to expect of this small roadster.

This will be a collector’s item for the Ferrari fans. But it probably won’t be cheap despite it’s measures. Mayby this is something for Nods’ collection. More pictures inside.


Published: December 7, 2006 2:59 pm

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  1. Primus inter pares says:

    It looks like a porsche should

  2. alpha male says:

    It’s obviously a Porsche Cayman with slightly different bodywork. It still looks cool though.

  3. Voettaa says:

    This one`s awesome i love it…man whats the problem about it looking like a Porsche caymen at least it doesn`t really look like it…think the backlights nad the whole back could be a little better but i would still buy it if i could…nice work Ferrari guys!!!!

  4. Des says:

    It looks a bit like a Porsche Cayman with a Ferrari skin.

  5. ferraripl says:

    is brilliant why you don’t like it?! It had to be small and stylish and it is! I love ferrari and I always will!

  6. Eu says:

    Is this a Ferrari??? I`m a big fan of Ferrari but this is like a Porshe :(( Not good

  7. mark says:

    Dunno why everyone’s calling that a Dino, when it’s obviously just a chopped Cayman with added angles.