Weber Sportcar Faster One

Weber Sportscar

We can hear you think “what the hell is that”? Well it’s a car designed and ready to be produced in Switzerland named Weber. The looks of the car ar very special and so is the engine with it’s 900 bhp. All this power is derived from a twin-turbo V8. Total weight is only 1.100 kg. Knowing these two figures you can probably guess the rest: a topspeed of above 250 mph (400 kmh) and a sprint to 62 mph (100 kmh) in only 2.6 seconds, 6.6 seconds is time the Weber car needs to reach 125 mph (200 kmh) and only 16.2 seconds to do 188 mph (300 kmh). The price for these amazing figures is not surprisingly high with € 998.000 ($ 1.553.500 – £ 783.400). First car is planned to roll out the factory this summer.

Weber Sportscars

Weber announced that not many will be produced, but a number isn’t released due to incoming orders! Inside the cockpit you get six-point safety belts, all parts from a to b are made out of carbon-fibre. As nice extra’s you get airconditioning and GPS-navigation with built in reverse camera!

Weber Sportscar

Weber Sportscar

Weber Sportscar

Weber Sportscar

Weber Sportscar

Weber Sportscar

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Published: April 30, 2008 4:27 pm

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  • Chris

    the design is kind of…ugly, but the performance is amazing

  • Des

    Impressive numbers, but it looks horrible. I really support Edo when he said that tuning should be mostly functional not just visible.

    And is it me or does that interior shot looks like the car is a plastic scale model?

  • trent


  • Loz

    For me it’s a bit too ‘need for speed’. Looks like a 350Z caught up in an Axe murder…

  • Steven V.

    This design is quite refreshing and special. The figures are in my eyes just stunning! When talking about quality you probably can’t beat a Veyron with it but I guess it will be a serious competitor when we talk only about speed and especially having fun with your car…