Gemballa Mirage GT `Special Edition´

Gemballa can’t get enough of Porsche’s Carrera GT. A while ago they showed us the Mirage GT ‘Carbon Edition‘ and today we can show you the ‘Special Edition’. Much details aren’t known beside the output of 650bhp. Sprint time to 62mph (100kmh) is just 3,7 seconds and the 124mph (200kmh) barrier is reached in 9,7 seconds. Top speed: 208mph (335kmh)!

Published: May 29, 2009 6:48 pm

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  1. The Insider says:

    The whole Mirage Series is limited to 25 units.

  2. Steven says:

    @ sinans: no problem, you’re not the only one I guess … p

  3. sinans says:


  4. sinans says:

    holy shit….i just jizzed in my pants

  5. Steven says:

    I wonder how many units Gemballa will produce of it?

  6. avalancher says:

    Looks good, but I guess that if you want one you’ll have to bring yours (or maybe they have a secret source).

  7. Lawrence says:

    It’s only because Prinz Marcus crashed his :p