World’s Fastest Speeding Ticket?

We’re pretty sure that the Koenigsegg CC never got the rumoured 242mph ticket on 2003 Gumball 3000. Perhaps then, we are now looking at the worlds fastest speeding ticket? 210+ mph in a Bugatti Veyron is pretty fast.

According to the ticket, the driver was 22 year old media mogul Philip Odegard. This leaves us a little suspicious as to what a 22 year old was doing in possession of one of the most expensive cars on the market.

The ticket was apparently issued on the 1st July at 1.35am on California’s State Route 73. Real or fake?

[Via Jalopnik]

Published: July 10, 2009 8:00 pm

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  • Mr Bugatti

    This is a fake cause someone in a mill car would not be speeding to fast. It was probably recorded wrong

  • Lamborghini Man

    Screw that they would have inpounded the car and taken him to jail Right???

  • Fakeass
  • minghan

    man i thought the towroad(73) dosen’t have that much CHP on it.

  • Wil

    I thought “Big Red” a 69 Camaro that was set up for the Silver State Classic held or still holds the highest speed recorded on a speeding ticket?!?!

  • Jaypizzle

    It’s real there is even a Audi form with the guys girlfriend “Tinaalia” backing him up and covering him.


    I’m not surprised his girl drives an $$$$ car as well and they are both part of CHP 11-99 fund (get out of jail card)

    that’s prolly why he got a break.

  • Terabass

    2 miles away from my work haha