Video: Koenigsegg CCR Evo vs Ferrari 599 GTB F1

Koenigsegg CCR

About two weeks ago we showed you a nice dragrace between the Nissan GT-R and the Koenigsegg CCR Evo, which is in this video as well. This time the Swedish supercar will race against a Ferrari 599 GTB F1. Scroll down to find out if the guys from managed to beat the Koenigsegg with the Ferrari.

Published: August 18, 2009 6:09 pm

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  • clooby

    This race isn’t really fair. The K-nigg weighs over 1000 lbs less and has 200 more HP than the Ferrari.

  • renzi

    come talk to me when all of you make enough money to even think about owning one!

  • MR

    @Giszmo, plans are being made… ;)


  • avalancher

    Good idea, if you succeed in the 24hrs road test I’ll stop making fun of Koenigsaab’s reliability (maybe a few words about their design dept. but that’s it).

  • Giszmo

    Let’s book some tickets Des and meet in Sweden.

  • Des

    @Giszmo: Agreed!

  • Giszmo

    I think we have to do a 24hrs road test to prove the reliability of a Koenigsegg.

  • AJ

    Reliability used to be a problem on earlier models… this CCR is packed with the new CCX engine built inhouse by Koenigsegg…so far reliability in these cars is not an issue, that was one of the main issues that were addressed before making the CCX available in the US hehe..

  • avalancher

    There are indeed reports that some Koenigstuff managed to run a whole day without problem, but they died during the night. Suicide some say.

  • http://Toavalancher haha

    You dont know what you are talking about, the Koenigsegg ran the whole day without any problems.

  • avalancher

    They had only two runs because the Koenigswhatever would have fell into pieces on the third. That’s the problem with the Koenigsomething, the second seat is for the mechanic.