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Onyx Concept Expands Range Rover Line-up

Onyx Concept Platinum S

The last time we discussed Concept802, was about half a year ago. At that time they showed the world the Platinum S widebody kit for the Range Rover sport. Over the past few months Concept802 has changed name to Onyx Concept and the kit itself has been altered a little bit and got some new parts. Onyx plans to expand its line-up with a Range Rover Voque kit.

Onyx has added a 14-piece interior panel kit, A&D panels, front grill and side vents all made of solid carbon fiber. A suspension lowering system, Onyx TPM 22-inch wheels in a range of colours and perforated buffalo hide diamond stitched leather are available. Engine performance upgrades are also available on request.
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Their is a Platinum V conversion planned to be available for the Range Rover Voque – older and 2010 models. Renderings where provided to WorldCarFans and it is expected to be a redesigned body kit made of carbon fiber. Even the grill is carbon fiber. The front bumper shows clear differences with respect to the Platinum S – for instance LED strips in stead of traditional fog lights. The rear bumper incorporates a different design, dual exhaust instead of quad and a new diffuser. All the parts are made of carbon fiber.
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The Platinum S is available as of today via dealerships in Russia, UAE, UK and the US. The Platinum V is available mid-December.

Published: November 12, 2009 3:20 pm

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  • Gustavo

    very nice Range Rover

  • http://www.gtspirit.com MR

    For those interested in the package, you can contact me for a brochure and contact information I received tonight.


  • Flash F

    well overfinch and kahn .PACK YOUR BAGS ,YOUR OUTTA HERE !

  • John Ebbs

    I saw a complete black car on line .The link was http://www.onyxcars.ie .Think the designers Irish .Hope this helps

  • top dog

    saw one in los angeles last week in white ,the thing was so good that i couldnt see the join on the new arches and about time someone made something that had looks and quality to boot .think these guys will do well .Does anyone know how I can contact them about price

  • Ryan Williams

    Have to agree one of the nicest conversions if not the nicest brought to the range rover yet cant wait to see real images of that vogue!!

  • Steven

    Wow, that one looks really great!