Ferrari F70 Said to be Enzo Successor

Ferrari F70

There will be a moment that Ferrari will show its successor for the Enzo. The Ferrari F70 – said to be the new ultimate Ferrari – shall hit the streets in 2012. That is eight years after the production of the Enzo stopped. The F70 will be an combination of all the latest high-tech racing technology, extreme looks and a superlight frame.

Some car manufacturers stopped the horsepower war and started focusing on weight. Ferrari is expected to do the opposite. They will probably unveil a twin-turbo V8 engine topping the Enzo’s 650bhp. The 0-62mph (100km/h) sprint is expected to be just three seconds and the F70 could hit a topspeed of 230mph (370km/h). Of course nothing is confirmed at this stage.

Ferrari F70

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Published: November 26, 2009 7:07 pm

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  • MR.Kaz

    What happened to Ferrari! It’s more uglier every new generation`!
    I think F430 is the best model that Ferrari ever made.

  • mr.enzo

    hate to dis Ferrari but it looks like the inbred of the 458 italia and the enzo i hate the triple exhaust on it it looks better on the 458 and the front is straight up wack man that is the uglyest Ferrari ever

  • tim

    yep not very pretty front is known by f50 and the back i from the enzo so nothing new here back to the drawingboard i say…..lool

  • Shawn

    really hope the front dosnt look like that. thats straight F50 styling

  • avalancher

    It looks more like a successor for the 458 than the Enzo. The front is bit weird and it doesn’t have the extravagance of the F60.