Car crash: BMW X5M Flips Upside Down

Car Crash BMW X5M Flips Upside Down 480x280

It is winter time and people are going out for some skiing and snowboarding. Icy roads can make the route to the destination tricky. Even with four-wheel drive and winter tyres.

The BMW X5M slid away, crashed against the guardrail and flipped upside down. The passengers didn’t get hurt at all. The only problem they experienced was releasing their seatbelt and leaving the car!

Car Crash BMW X5M Flips Upside Down 01

Published: January 3, 2010 7:18 pm

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  • ondra

    the bend looks suspiciously similar to one just below the ski-lift in champex, VA, switzerland…

  • jpn

    useless car, fitting end.

    Good thing nobody got hurt, hope the owner buys a proper car this time.

  • overfinch

    Does anybody know where this happened?

  • Daily Derbi

    Oh man, rough day for that driver. Good thing no one was hurt.

  • Turboman

    Uh that looks absolutely NOT horrible but I think the car is a write off because it’s parked on the roof…