Overkill: Chrome Bentley Continental GT

Overkill Silver Bentley Continental GT 480x280

One of our readers, Dan, spotted the following silver / chrome Bentley Continental GT after a meeting in London today. The vehicle was parked on New Bond Street in the West End. Check also the special license plate.

Click here for a larger version of the picture!

Published: January 13, 2010 12:52 am

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  1. oliver says:

    dont hate its a car…

  2. BIFFA says:

    Just shows money cannot buy taste!!

  3. aj says:

    i thinking to chrome my bentley. but is it illegal.?

  4. budd says:

    ps.. m pow a wholl is a masiverly bigger tosser x

  5. budd says:

    my mate ownes this car and lent it to me for the weekend. this car is the boom… Its a racing car and drives lovely,, cheers mate wot a motor x

  6. m powell says:

    i saw this car on m1 on fri 5/6/10 all i can hes to much money,tosser…..

  7. Shortfatbaldbloke says:

    I saw this car on the M1 near Derby this morning. very crude in my opinion.

  8. Shahid Nazir says:

    Just seen it outside Menzels on Eccelsall Road, Sheffield. Must be a Labour supporter.

  9. Turboman says:

    Should have added a nicer set of rims.

  10. Lawrence says:

    At least it sticks out from the rest of the Bentleys in London!

  11. Ruddmeister says:

    Silver plated? unlikely……just chrome paint like that Merc SLR that El Hadji Diouf used to own.


  12. Daily Derbi says:

    Can you imagine the glare that thing would produce on a sunny day?!

  13. Shawn says:

    I guess just the bentley didnt say “i have more money than you” enough