Revving Duel: Ford GT vs Ferrari 430 Spider

Revving Duel: Ford GT vs Ferrari 430 Spider 480x280

It is almost weekend, so let’s do a duel between two supercars revving. In the left corner you will find the Ford GT equipped with a Heffner Performance package with straight pipes – a strong American muscle car, not for people with weak knees. In the right corner the Ferrari F430 Spider – one of the fastest roofless prancing horses ever build – equipped with a stock exhaust.

Enjoy the music!

Ford GT

Ferrari 430 Spider

Published: January 29, 2010 5:24 pm

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  1. LamborghiniMan says:

    Ford ALL THE WAY!!!!!!

  2. You can’t even begin to compare these two cars. I could listen to a Ferrari all afternoon. The ford to my ears comes off as dull.

  3. avalancher says:

    Strictly speaking of sound, Ford of course.

  4. Tronxo says:

    If you put a tuned Ford GT by Heffner put another F430 tuned like this.

    F430 with capristo exhaust system:

  5. Tronxo says:

    Ferrari of course because its a pure supersportscar not the american V8 shit.

    Ferrari is a pure brand of supercars, ford no.

  6. Adam says:

    Ford GT for sure! It sounded insane

  7. Steven says:

    Ford for me!