Monaco 2010: Marussia B1 and B2

Monaco 2010 Marussia

Marussia attended Top Marques 2010 with a large line-up. A total of four Marussia sport cars were shipped to Monaco. Indoors an orange B1 and dark grey B2 were displayed to the crowd, in the test drive pit people got the option to drive along in a yellow B1 and brown B2.

The current status of the vehicles is unknown. The representative for Marussia could not tell us if the B2 reached official production status yet.

Up this moment it stays unclear what the future for Marussia holds. However, it seemed quite clear that the B1 is going into production soon. Marussia indicated an official release next month.
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Published: April 17, 2010 5:04 pm

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  • FuelRiders

    For more picture of the B1 & B2 taken in Monte Carlo, Monaco:

  • CJ

    I am Russian. there has never really been a good time to be russian since the First world war to cod mw2. but this makes me say proudy i love Russia

  • Anton

    B2 is really terrible but B1 is very nice. Now you can buy B1 in Moscow, here we have a show-room. I saw some cars on the streets.

  • Alex

    My god they tried to put put all the leading and good looking supercars from all the categories into one car and look at them!They are terrible!I wonder if they sell any…

  • Nael

    oh, oh here come the russians!!!!