Overkill: Tuned VIP Car Off Camber

Overkill Tuned VIP Car Off Camber

Japan can be a world of unique tuning styles. One of those is VIP being a mix between bling-bling and large luxury saloons. In some cases the Japanese also mix ‘bizarre’ into the equation.

Adam Zillin, co-owner of the website 7Tune.com, spotted this vehicle running the absolute craziest amount of camber possible. The wheels are coming close to sitting horizontally – supporting the cars weight on a contact patch of no more than 2 inches a corner in some cases.

Overkill Tuned VIP Car Off Camber 01

Published: April 23, 2010 12:39 pm

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  • Rogerio

    I wouldn’t call it stupid…. cause when it comes to creativity and originality the crazier the better!can’t knock on the dude cause he got more balls than you!!haha got more than me on this level

  • Luke

    plasma cutter + new sheet metal= tucked wheels. i agree with this jakub guy that is unnecessary

  • Jakub Fojt

    that is just stupid. looks like shit and drives like shit, definitely a perfect contender for the overkill category!

  • TOAD

    That is total, and complete OVERKILL!!!!!!