The Most Luxurious Chinese Wedding Line-up Imageable

The Most Luxurious Chinese Wedding Imageable

Weddings are things of our daily lifes. Nothing new on that part, however certain weddings could be placed into a different league. Like the one shown here.

This Chinese wedding had an unique entourage of wedding vehicles; a total of twelve Lamborghinis (3x LP670 SV, 2x LP640, 1x LP620, 5x LP560, 1x LP550) and two Rolls-Royce Phantoms.

Now that is what we call a wedding!

[Via L4P]

Published: June 28, 2010 1:23 am

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  • Ian G

    Not the most impressive line up, but still would be a fun procession. ;)

  • Swank

    Yeah Breen… bla bla…
    I still miss a Reventon there.

  • Breen

    Not the biggest. I’ve recieved chainmails with x4 the supercars and x8 the luxury cars, along with 20odd Audis and Mercs and a Cayenne and Range Rover or 2.

  • wsq