Car Crash: Ferrari 458 Italia Tree Hugging in Maranello

Car Crash Ferrari 458 Italia Tree Hugging in Maranello

Another Ferrari 458 Italia has crashed. Yes again! This time on his homeground in Maranello. It is unknown why the car tried to hug a tree next to the road.

YouTube member cvdzijden commented:

Damn!!! Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this. Fortunately there were no injuries, I think the car cannot be repaired. The day before the same vehicle was driving through Maranello, but a day later… RIP 458 Italia

It is not the first time we see a F458 Italia in such a shape. Is the prancing horse so hard to drive or do people get overconfident?

Published: August 12, 2010 9:16 pm

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  • Mark

    What a travesty to have a car like this destroyed within a day. What a fool for not learning to drive the Ferrari properly first and get to grips with it before trying to show off!

  • Shawn

    what has been seen, cannot be unseen

    @chess : i think the scuderia positioning is good

  • Shutmeup

    the guy in scuderia must be laughing out loud :D

  • chess

    so this is what happens when you try to reinvent the wheel, by putting signal indicators on the steering wheel