Overkill: Bugatti 6 Series

Bugatti 6-Series

We believe most of you will remember the crazy conversion from a 1991 Mercedes-Benz into a Rolls Royce Phantom or the Dodge Stratus that in someone eyes was a good donor for creating a Lamborghini Gallardo.

Just when we think it can’t get worse we came accross this video on the internet. A BMW 6 Series that got a Bugatti Veyron body. We are speechless, in a bad way of course. Up to you to decide if this is an overkill or not…

[Via zercostums]

Published: October 3, 2010 11:07 am

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  • Rick

    I have to admit that they did a decent job the detail in the engine compartment looks pretty good. For what they were trying to accomplish i think they are 80% there.

  • GTR

    Its an overloaded shit. FAIL

  • Who cares

    I am sure that is a lot cheaper to run

  • Giszmo

    Does a Vauxhall look like a Ferrari?


    Same goes for this project here. Not even Overkill, it’s just wrong.

  • Filip

    HAHA, i love the part when they show the backside of the car with ONE(!) exhaust…

  • Shawn

    haha woah, other than the crap wheels it looks pretty nicely done

  • Shipka

    They ruined M6 and Veyron!!!

  • Swank

    Not even close to the Veyron.

  • Kevan

    Overkill! But it’s almost believable if you didn’t know better.

  • pmas

    if the rims would match up to the exterior a lil better than I think u could consider this projekt as a good job, but it still looks a lil crooked. yet I think its no overkill
    have a nice sunday

  • dens

    they ruined a m6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jdef90

    well… it is not an ugly car… it’s obviously not pretty also… but with some styling mods and without some fake stuff, with sombe better bodywork, it could be called “baby” Bugatti… other hand who spent so much money for it? it is not a cheap plastic job :)

  • Machime

    my eyes!!!… better part: the wheels…

  • Alex

    aaaaaa… yeap i am pretty speechless too…