Video Of The Day: Lexus LFA VS Ferrari 599 HGTE

Video Of The Day Lexus LFA VS Ferrari 599 HGTE

Combining two of the best sports car from two different continents can be a tough job. The guys over at Caranddriver have chosen the Lexus LFA and the Ferrari 599 HGTE for their versus. Both cars where driven in Wales and threadful weather. In the end they came up with a nice comparison.

Published: October 23, 2010 12:20 pm

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  • Clocktower

    I have never liked Car&Driver, and now i hate them, pathetic “Review”!!!

  • GTR

    just becos its a toyota u can never hate the LFA. they do have the same standards of a sports car and i wud say even better.. wud take the LFA :)

  • AJ

    This review is pretty sad actually…its as if they just wanted joy rides and used a “review” as an excuse to get the keys. As far as the cars,the LFA is superior to the 599 HGTE just doesnt have the badge, from various other reviews the HGTE doesnt really deliver that balance between a touring car and a hardcore car. Now the 599 GTO would be a different story.

  • maxx

    well that was boaring

  • Why so serious

    what a lozy video it sucks must do better next time!!!!

  • masdo

    what is this stupid video??

  • stefan740

    What a disappointing video…