Overkill: Battlestar Galactica Corvette C5 Convertible

Overkill Battlestar Galactica Corvette C5 Convertible

Can somebody please explain what has happened to this Corvette C5 Convertible? If there’s a way to decribe overkill, this is the best example we could use. The Battlestar Galactica sticker, the massive wing, the look-a-like Zonda exhausts at the back, the front bumper and the bling-bling wheels make up the complete package.

Somewhere underneath the body kit you will be to find an all-american sports car.

You want more, please click here.

[Via Autogespot.com]

Published: December 16, 2010 12:30 am

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  • Hayder

    Oh my GOD!!!!!! What is this thinggggggg. Poor Corvette :(

  • kris_vd

    I gues you have to say: Surprise me!

  • Shawn

    you pull up in a performance center/ body shop. and what the hell do you say to the guy to get that result? haha

  • El3m3nt

    this is the funniest object i have seen for a loong time!

    made my day! xD haha

  • CJ

    My worst night mare, the dark side, the devil wouldn’t drive this POS!!!!