For Sale: First Maybach Cruiserio Coupe

For Sale First Maybach Cruiserio Coupe

Saudi-based Auto Kingdom and Xenatec, the German-based special purpose vehicle manufacturer recently singed an agreement to produce a new generation of the Maybach 57 under the brand “Cruiserio coupe” in partnership with Germany’s Daimler AG.

The production line of the new luxury coupe will build only 100 units for worldwide markets. The first “Cruiserio coupe” was recently unveiled in a ceremony at Daimler headquarters in Stuttgart.

The new Coupe will be powered by a V12 engine, is 5.7 meter in length and 1.98 in width, will pack 605hp which will move it to 100km/h from standstill in just 5.0 seconds and then propel it to a top speed of 275km/h.

The unique coupe is for sale via Jameslist for a price tag of € 715,000 and available for customers around the world. The luxury vehicle is currently on display in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

For Sale First Maybach Cruiserio Coupe 01

Published: December 24, 2010 10:44 am

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  • dawid

    this car is amazing.if i would have so much money i will buy it sure.

  • Alex

    @julian:then there would be no difference
    I really like Maybachs,maybe more than the Rolls or Bentleys but the bumper ruins the elegant and unique image.

  • Julian

    Amazing! Except his ugly silver front bumper – why they dont use the original which is much more elegant?

  • charles pereira

    whats the point, there isn’t any really, you can buy the rolls coupe/convertible for less than half the price and it has a better name, better looks and probably more stuff…

  • Josh Walter

    nice car.ive loved mybachs since i was 6 years old


    where s the rear photos?