Overkill: Ferrari California Paris Hilton Edition

Pink Ferrari California

We probably all remember Paris Hilton’s pink Bentley Continental GT. The extreme color design must have been the inspiration of some person in Shanghai, hopefully a girl, while ordering a pink Ferrari California.

Maranello Red suits better if you ask us, what do you think?

Pink Ferrari California

For those who can’t remember Paris Hilton’s pink Bentley Continental GT!

Paris Hilton & her pink Bentley Continental GT

Published: December 27, 2010 1:03 pm

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  • http://www.reflections-detailing.com greg

    Looks like a wrap not a paint job, that is good because its a horrid color on a great car

  • Jeff C

    I think a matching pink color on the calipers would be awesome! Those stock wheels do continue to suck.

  • avalancher

    The good side is that this car will never be stolen (thieves hate exotic colors).

  • Authority Figure

    The specific shade of pink chosen is beautiful. The execution is better than the Bentley. I agree, the calipers should have been done in either an unassuming color, like matte grey or black. Pink calipers would look terrible!

    That said, if you prefer pink cars there are better cars to work with than a California.

    (The stock wheels continue to look horrible.)

  • Davide

    very bad taste, is a compliment!

  • Zorro

    If needed, it shows that the one who can afford a california can be :

    a-either stupid
    b-have no taste
    c-booth together…

    Ferrari should have made a special effort to paint the brake calipers in pink as well :-)

  • chdu

    Not bad after all…