Video: Ferrari FFour Spotted in the Mountains

Video Ferrari FFour Spotted in the Mountains

The official world debut of the Ferrari FFour is coming closer and closer. Geneva will be the spot where the first ever four-wheel-drive Ferrari will have its finest moment in front of the world press.

The latest video released on YouTube shows a Ferrari FFour somewhere in high snow covered mountains. The person who made the video is accompanied by his son and a dog sled.

We must say this the best footage we have seen of the FF so far! Overall, it seems like it looks better in real live than on official press pictures.

Published: February 17, 2011 12:42 pm

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  • Rick

    Oh, awesome, a z4 with ferrari badges. This car is not going to do well, at all.

  • http://asssss

    beutifull car ,

  • Authority Figure

    Its probably one of the most original looking Ferrraris since the F40. I say its going to sell well and be seen often. This thing is gorgeous.

    The child’s voice in the background of the video is great. lol

  • CGT

    This car is such an unbelievable fail.