Custom Bentley Continental Supersports Wide body

Savini Bentley Continenatl Supersports Widebody

The Bentley pictured here is probably one of the most extreme Supersports out on US roads. Next to the wheel package delivered by Savini Wheels, a set of SV-31c Xtreme Concave’s, the luxury saloon also got a kit delivered by MC Customs based in Miami, Florida.

The complete package includes a custom wide body, custom paint, custom Savini wheels, and custom interior.
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[Via Saviniwheels]

Published: May 5, 2011 10:31 am

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  • Deege

    Add that to the lo-rider club in East LA…..ehhhhh

  • Turboman

    I agree with Alex! This thing is ridicoulus ugly!

  • Alex

    Bloody ugly.The thing that separates Bentley from other cars is its fine styling and elegance,here both are lost,overkill for me.

  • kolossus

    Yea, a bit too much, but I like the rear end and side skirts of the Premier better, something about the difusser and the body contoured wing make it look cleaner. But the nose of the Premier looks like hell, this is so much nicer. Combine the two and there you go! SOLD for a quarter mill!

  • Luke

    A bit too much maybe but I have to admit: That’s a fantastic looking car! Way better than the Premier 4509 or all that Mansory nonsense.