Car Crash: Bentley Wrecked in Budapest

Car Crash Bentley Wrecked in Budapest

Yesterday evening around 20:00 local time a Bentley Continental GT was wrecked in Budapest, Hungary. The British luxury car travelled at high speed and didn’t pay attention to a Dacia which was travelling at a normal speed.

After the side impact the Dacia spun and crashed into three cars parked next to the road. The Bentley went up the sidewalk on the opposite side of the road, and destroyed everything over a distance of twenty meters.

Fortunately, there was nobody walking on the sidewalk. Two children in the Dacia were slightly injured while the driver suffered serious injuries. No news on the driver of the Bentley.

Car Crash Bentley Wrecked in Budapest 01

Car Crash Bentley Wrecked in Budapest 02

Car Crash Bentley Wrecked in Budapest 03

Published: July 29, 2011 5:27 pm

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  • car lover :)

    The accident happens in Budapest(Hungary),but the Bentley was from Komárno(Slovakia),i know it because i see it on the license plate and i live in Slovakia :) the second car was Dacia but its from Hungary ;) I hope I helped you ;)

  • Tuggitsomore

    The poor people should move out of the way!

  • MR

    @All, thanks guys… All fixed :)

  • Kris

    As far as I can recognize the plates the crash happened in Budapest. But indeed Budapest is in Hungary not Romania. The Romanian capital is Bucharest and except the Dacia the Romanians have nothing to do with this accident.

  • Luke

    Fico is right and the past of to spin is “spun” as far as I know.

  • Fico 850

    budapest romania? omg, budapest is capital of hungary!