Official: Will.I.Am Announces IAMAUTO

Will.I.Am Announces IAMAUTO

Artist and singer Will.I.Am took the chance to unveil his latest business venture on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. It looks like the first car was produced in cooperation with West Coast Customs, Will.I.Am told Leno that the car you see above was built with “a whole bunch of parts” from Chrysler Group.

At the moment, a lot of incoherent rumours are flying around the internet with very few actual facts to be found. The venture hasn’t released an official website or press statement yet but details of the first car were released live on The Tonight Show. Will.I.Am claims that the cars will be built with Chrysler parts and will also feature a Beats by Dr. Dre stereo system.
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Commentators have said though, that the pictures used to announce the venture appear to show a DeLorean conversion built by West Coast Customs. We’re hoping that this isn’t what the US rapper will be producing. The second build shows another car built by West Coast Customs, this time built on a 1958 Corvette.

Rumours from Autoblog suggest that the final production car could be built on the platform of the Chrysler 300C. The reason for the venture? “To bring jobs to the ghetto that I come from.”

Published: January 6, 2012 3:11 pm

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  • vador

    This thing in the pictures looks like an unfinished prototype from the 80’s, but the corvette in the video is cool.

  • Luke


  • LongBow986

    OMG This thing is HIDEOUS

  • goodluckwiththat

    oh my god, that has to be in the all-time top 5 of most ugliest cars ever made