Seized Lamborghini LP570-4 Sold by Canadian Beaurocracy

Seized Lamborghini LP570-4 Sold by Canadian Beaurocracy

The latest development in the ‘street racing’ case we picked up on in Canada is that the Civil Forfeiture Office have announced the sale of the Lamborghini. The Canadian authorities announced that the negotiations had been entered into but refused to comment on the price realised for the supercar. A spokesman has been quoted as saying that disclosing the price “could jeopardize the ongoing forfeiture negotiations.”

The case revolved around 13 seized supercars, stopped back in September last year, suspected of illegal street racing. The list of cars included three Lamborghini Gallardos, three Nissan GT-Rs, two Maserati GranTurismos, an Audi R8, an Aston Martin DB9, a Ferrari 599, a Mercedes SL63 AMG and a Mercedes SLS AMG. Back in September, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police revealed that they had not prosecuted a single driver as the only evidence available was witness testimony.

Despite the lack of criminal convictions, evidence and a lack of proof that any street racing occured, the Canadian Civil Forfeiture Office pressed to have the cars seized. They won their case and five cars were seized from owners, of all of which were foreign nationals, under the age of 21 studying at Canadian colleges. We’re told that three cases are still in dispute and one has been dropped.

We’re just glad that Europe hasn’t adopted these strange rules. Let us know your opinion. Were the Canadian authorities right to seize and sell the supercars?

[Via NationalPost]

Published: January 11, 2012 3:00 pm

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  • Douglas

    This would not have happened if they were non-Asian kids racing around in domestic muscle cars…..sad, but true and we all know it….

  • Patterg

    I don’t know who wrote the article above, but they seem to have only talked to the drivers. of course there must be overwhelming evidence in Canada or any other civilized country before property cam be seized. here is an article with a little more substance on this topic:

  • Rodangulo

    Hell no!!!! Thats Gestapo kind of sh*t!!!

  • Endras BMW

    You can’t stop these kids. For every day that Lambo SL has been impounded the owner has been driving a different super car. The university parking lots in Vancouver remind me of the Monte Carlo valet parking.

  • Tony H

    Europe certainly has adopted these strange rules, unfortunately. It’s not just “illegal street racing” that they take your car for in France, it’s also high speeds (that are not that high).

  • italiano

    Who the hell are they to seize vehicles with no valid proof of racing and then want to sell vehicles that they have not paid for. That is theft and therefore should not be allowed but rather penalize the owner and give them a fine! Seems like a money making scam to me!

  • Anonymous

    I have no problem with seizing the cars of illegal street racers, but with little to no evidence? Seems wrong.