Car Crash: Bus Hits Opened Door Maserati GranTurismo in Poland

Car Crash Bus Hits Opened Door Maserati GranTurismo in Poland

The following crash happened in Poland during the filming of a TV-program called “Zakup Kontrolowany”. The guest in the program was Margaret Socha, a Polish actress appearing in many local television series.

Due to unfavorable weather conditions, the blonde girl decided not to drive the Italian sports car. The reporter Adam Kornacki swapped to the driver’s seat and opened the door while a bus passed by the Maserati. The inevitable happened when the bus took a left turn and the rear of the bus caught the opened left-hand door.

The expected damage to the door is at least 10,000 euros. The episode of the accident will be aired tomorrow, March 15.


Published: March 14, 2012 11:47 pm

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  1. bobryt says:

    ouch! in english ;)

  2. Aaa says:

    it’s not “how ah” it’s “aua” :D anyway, it’s his fault, not the bus driver’s.

  3. Chu Kian Wah says:

    i like he says : How ah?

  4. SestoElemeto says:

    Stupid is not the bus driver but the reporter… Why they have parked the car at the bus station? And he saw that the bus was passing by so he should pay attention to that.

  5. Dickus says:

    Stupid bus driver. Should have looked in the mirror…

  6. Des says:

    Fixed thanks :)

  7. Takijaro says:

    The actress is Margaret Socha and the driver is Adam Kornacki. Please fix it up cause it look so bad.