Video: Batman Driving His Lamborghini in Maryland

Video Batman Driving His Lamborghini in Maryland

YouTube member msmeko1 spotted Batman himself in Maryland. The superhero was driving his black Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder with yellow airvents and brake calipers on the I-95N.

By the looks of it he had a day off chilling and meeting up with friends, because another person spotted the same Gallardo next the road with Batman standing next to his car talking to three fellow crime fighters. But what were they discussing?

Video Batman Driving His Lamborghini in Maryland 01

[Via Luxury4Play]

Published: March 23, 2012 8:50 am

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  • Me

    One time we saw batman on a bike

  • Noe Japan

    If he was driving in a cheap gtr would it thereby mean the driver would just be attired with a penis strapped to his forehead ?

  • Nicholas Christopher

    A Gallardo is not cheap

  • udontneed2know

    Bruce Wayne can afford a 20 mansions and 1,000 Aventadors.

    Why is he cruising in a cheap Gallardo? lol.

  • Hemipwrd

    He actually got pulled over because he had only a batman symbol where there should have been a liscense plate. Where was Robin on that one!

  • Harry Okona

    only in america

  • Murad Email

    No Its Not !

  • Urbanprowler

    Jeez, can’t a crime fighter go for a cruise in peace….. :)

  • Julle85

    It has to be Murcielago, not Gallardo. Poor Batman :D

  • Growing old disgracefully

    Mucking Fuppet