Car Crash: Multiple Sports Cars Crash on Same Stretch of Autobahn

McLaren MP4-12C Crash

Saturday must have been one of the worst days for petrol heads in the region of Kirchheim, Germany. In just a few hours a McLaren MP-12C, a Corvette and a Dodge Viper ACR crashed on the same stretch of German motorway, aka Autobahn. The series of crashes follows a Maserati GranTurismo, which was totaled at the same place last Thursday.

There are not a lot of details known about the crash on Thursday. High speed could have been the cause of the accident. The first crash yesterday afternoon included a 612hp Dodge Viper ACR. The sports car crashed into the central barrier, crossed the three lane motorway and stopped against a barrier on the hard shoulder. The Viper was only rented for three hours and crashed because of a combination between high speed and a wet surface.
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Only two hours later a Chevrolet Corvette crashed into a guard rail probably because of aquaplaning. Damage to the car wasn’t too bad. By nightfall another crash occurred with a two-month old McLaren MP4-12C. The British sports car is a total loss as you can see in the gallery.

The only positive news in this post is the fact that none of the drivers or passengers got hurt in the accidents.

Published: May 6, 2012 8:13 pm

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  • alexricharer

    Good information..!!

  • Lukas

    And that’s another part of German Autobahn getting Speed Limit,
    because of some idiots trying to drive a brutal car in the rain probably without experience

  • nugget

    @Dino that can also happen without speeding….

  • Dino

    Retards wanna drive fast in the Rain!

    That’s a Big No NO!