Car Crash: Aston Martin One-77 Wrecked in Hong Kong

Aston Martin One-77 Wrecked in Hong Kong

An Aston Martin One-77 has been wrecked in Hong Kong. These images reveal the car on a low loader being taken away from the scene of the accident. No details are available at the moment, however, the car has been reported as being of Chinese origin. Shmee150 keeps a registry of all known Aston Martin One-77’s and he reliably informs us it is from Shenzhen, China. It’s the first One-77 accident we’ve heard about.

It looks as though the million-euro supercar hit a kerb on its left side as both front an back wheels have buckled. The passenger compartment looks to be in one piece though so hopefully, there were no injuries. Shmee informs us that the car was first spotted only a week ago so its assumed that this Aston Martin One-77 is almost brand new.
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Thanks to the Aston Martin One-77’s carbon fiber tub, repairs to fix this accident damage could be costly. We’ll try and get more details and photos to share.

[Via Shmee150]

Published: May 27, 2012 8:42 am

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  • Ray

    The owner-driver is from ShenZhen, China. It’s beyond comprehension that how ” some of these Chinese from Mainland China ” behave and act in life…they don’t care nothing about much of anything decent, be it life or non-life. These people are totally insane.
    It’s the product of over 60 yrs. of Mao’s Communism, so very tragic. Communism had turned China into a nation with lots of immoral zombies…

  • john

    A one farked up chinese nationals , indeed money rules so you can do such thing.

  • vador

    Come on ladies, stop whining, it’s just metal and money.

  • GuitarSlinger

    More money than brains/driving skill . Rapidly becoming a Worldwide pandemic . Nuff said

  • Fernando!!

    Oh My F….. Good!! Noooooo !! D:

  • Monica

    Back 2 Gaydon 4 repairs

  • Harry

    That is very sad ;(

  • AK

    I’m sure who ever owns it has insurance!

  • Hayder

    this is shit :( I don’t know what the hill ti wrong with chinese drivers :( they almost had accidents on every super car…………… :(

  • Julle85

    Sad..Very very sad.