Dealer Visit: Prestige Cars in Abu Dhabi

Prestige Cars in Abu Dhabi

We’re back with Prestige Cars in Abu Dhabi today, thanks to our friend Mamso Photografia. Mamso visited the dealership recently and photographed what they had to offer by way of Mansory products! As you’ll see, the Mansory Aventador we test drove recently has now been shipped out, there’s also a Mansory MP4-12C, a Mansory Siracusa and a Mansory Panamera too. The final two cars in the showroom are the Techart Magnum and the Panamera-based Techart Grand GT!

Of course, Prestige Cars offers a wide range of tuning brands including Mansory, Novitec, Carlsson, Arden, A.R.T., Lumma Design and TechArt as well as more normal cars from manufacturers including Lamborghini and Ferrari. They service the whole of the United Arab Emirates and have been known to source cars for customers as far afield as Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.
Check out the new gallery!

For our original dealership visit please read our earlier article. For more photos from Mamso Photografia, please visit his Facebook page!

Published: July 23, 2012 9:06 am

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  • DealerPlatform

    Awesome cars and awesome pictures. I normally can tell what cars are just by seeing the pictures but there are several pictured here that I have never seen before.


  • Richard Hughes

    I agree with ‘Awesome Sports Cars’, the Mansory MP4-12C looks fantastic. A really good drive by all accounts too.

  • ray

    what is the price for the mansory avantador?

  • Awesome sports cars

    Wow! Tuned cars from Abu Dhabi are always so awesome! From todays selections I like Mansory MP4-12C.