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Mercedes Dealer Offers Free Smart ForTwo With Every SLS Purchase

Mercedes Dealer Offering Free Smart ForTwo With Every SLS Purchase

Exotic car dealerships offering exclusive promotions to try and attract buyers is nothing new and it’s also something that makes a lot of sense. If one really wants to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a supercar (who doesn’t!), then it’s likely that a little extra incentive may be needed to get those forms signed. And Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City recently took this ‘little extra incentive’ literally and is now offering a free Smart ForTwo for every SLS AMG purchased off its lot.

Considering that a highly-specced SLS AMG costs almost twenty times more than a Smart ForTwo, this promotion will at least provide potential customers with the option of having a small city runabout for those quick trips down to the local shopping centre and as a result, some environmental benefits could result.

However, we can only imagine that if an individual buys an SLS AMG, they’re likely to want to drive it everywhere, as it is a GT car after all, and as a result, may not be interested at all in a little Smart ForTwo, no matter how cheap it is to run.

Nevertheless, we have to commend Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City for taking such a punt with this promotion. For any customers out there reading this, keep in mind that the Smart ForTwo is built by the same people who produce the Maybach!

Published: December 7, 2012 5:31 pm

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