Video: Two Ferrari 458’s & Lamborghini Performante Go Nuts in London!

This summer the streets of Knightsbridge were transformed into an every changing parade and show of exotic cars from all over the globe. In the warm summer evenings visitors to the UK’s capitol city would parade around Knightsbridge in their supercars showboating by revving and accelerating down London’s famous streets. YouTube Preview Image

Here we have a clip that is littered with expensive metal. There is a matte blue Mercedes McLaren 722 and Nissan GT-R parked against the curb, but the real show features two Ferrari 458 Italia’s and a Lamborghini Performante that roar in stationary traffic outside Harrods and then tear through the Knightsbridge underpass! Turn up the volume and enjoy!

Published: December 30, 2013 10:02 pm

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