Meet The Philippines First Supercar – The Aurelio Automobile

Meet Philippines First Supercar- The Aurelio Automobile

When you think of supercars, you rightfully think of Italy. Beyond Italy, you’ll find Koenigsegg in Sweden, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz in Germany as well as many British marques like Aston Martin venturing into this heavily contested segment of the market. One place you definitely wouldn’t think of making their own supercars is Philippines but they’ve created just that!

Meet Philippines First Supercar- The Aurelio Automobile

The company behind the car, formerly known as Factor Aurelio and now simply Aurelio after internal disagreements, the design of the car is certainly unique. Available either with a Honda B16A V-TEC engine or a Mitsubishi 4G63T turbocharged 2.0-litre engine, the Aurelio ‘supercar’ could prove quite fast.

Unsurprisingly, no performance or power figures have been announced but the car is reportedly made from fibreglass reinforced plastic as well as select carbon fibre components.

Meet Philippines First Supercar- The Aurelio Automobile

Leave your thoughts on the car below. One thing we can pretty much guarantee though is that the Aurelio will never catch on and be a success.

Special thanks to Michael Xerxes for sharing the photos with us.

Published: July 14, 2014 6:03 am

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  • ist12345

    So if i buy a iphone and created my own casing, can i call it a philippines made phone?

  • JR

    Yes! we should support our own products. We are as whole is already looked down by other people outside the Philippines. Sino pa ba ang magtutulungan kung hindi tayo tayo lang din.

  • Chris

    Would you call the Pagani a kit car as well?

  • Binge Villadolid

    A nice car, considering the manufacturer is new .. give it a shot.. who knows maybe someday , production of their own engine can be possible.. wag lang natin maliitin kasi pilipino ang mga yan, dapat iangat natin.. kalahi naman at maaaring kadugo pa natin ang mga ito at di yung kinaaasaran natin na mga tsinese… To the Aurelio guys, Keep it up..

  • Partsguy

    Crappy engines..? LoL’z the mitsubishi 4g63t engine and honda b16 engines are legends in thier own right, they’ve been proved to be capable of making big hp figures.!! Not to mention that this car is made of fiberglass/plastic and carbon fiber.!! The size and weight of this car with these engines you have a very capable car, if they tuned the chassis and suspension correctly this car would put to shame a lot of cars on the road. Btw these engines have so much support from aftermarket performance companies and is so tuner friendly some parts swapping and adding and these guys would be making unreal power.

  • Jack Colero

    Lol. A 4 banger supercar???? Its more like a kit car to me. Its 2014 so put at least a reliable 400HP engine then maybe you can call it a super car… Looks sexy though.

  • GetItRight

    it is just a kit car. Real supercars have their own company-made engines. What makes a car super is the performance of the engine and not the body itself. (Not to mention the design is too close to a Ferrari.)

  • roadkill

    crappy engines to even consider “super car”. Good thing they didnt use a 3k engine! lolz!

  • DanW

    At $37,000, I’m thinking it will catch on!
    I just worry they won’t be able to keep up with the demand.

  • Joe

    Lambrrari P1…

  • Phillip

    Looks like a kit car.

  • Mohamed Boukachabia

    the front is ok but the back looks like a messy replica of a reventon