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The uniqueness of an Ultima GTR is the basis of the development of a brand new model followed by our editorial team and published step-by-step below. The owner is a member of the GTspirit forum, a true supercar enthusiast and participant to many rallies. He got himself his dream car and we follow the process up to the full road-going model.

Update 16: Awaiting final paperwork

Date: 12/05/12

The current waiting game and absolute silence in this section of our GTspirit Garage has happened because of a problem with the Ultima GTR. The paperwork has still not been finalized, because the problems with the engine. The engine is not legal in many of the European countries, which means that the owner has to swap the engine for a different one and file the documentation again. All the time the car stayed in doors and has not moved a bit. Hopefully we will see the car soon on the roads in Europe.

Update 15: Awaiting final paperwork

Date: 23/10/11

The owner has indicated that the Ultima GTR has completely been finished. The vehicle is ready to the hit the roads. The only point that still needs to be sorted is the paperwork. The owner is waiting for the final documentation and license plate. Stay tuned for more in the near future and the first driving footage.

Update 14: Back from the first drive

Date: 12/07/11

The owner just came back from his first test drive. His response: WOW!!

Update 13: It runs!

Date: 07/07/11

The monster is alive! Finally… The aluminum Henrik’s racing 427 C.I. – 7.0 liter Super Duty C5R engine has shown a sign of live! More to come soon…

Update 12: Problems with the drive train

Date: 03/06/11

Problems have occured with the drive train. There is a problem while sending the revs/min to the ECU. The motor had to be taken out again. After a week the motor was placed back in the car again, but now there is a problem with the starter. The dents do not fit 100 percent together. So another few days of waiting. Problems over problems. but they are still in a good mood.

Update 11: Body is on the chassis

Date: 13/05/11

The body is finally on the chassis. The wing has been fixed as well. Eventhough there are still a few things to be finished. For the moment they are filling up the gearbox with oil.

GTspirit Garage Ultima GTR Update 11 01

Update 10: Engine entered the body of the car

Date: 04/05/11

The car builder construcing the Ultima GTR has outfitted the aluminum Henrik’s racing 427 C.I. – 7.0 liter Super Duty C5R engine to the body of the car. The motorsport engine produces 620hp and 700Nm of maximum torque. The engine will be the hart of the street-legal racer and converts the power to the road via a Porsche 911 GT2 gearbox.

GTspirit Garage Ultima GTR Update 10 01

Update 9: Tires have been attached to the car

Date: 18/04/11

Finally the tires have been fitted to the vehicle. On top of the left wheel you can see the motor-ECU programming. The motor-loom has just been fitted. The picture from the front of the vehicle shows numerous parts being added to the vehicle. The total air-conditioning unit and front suspension are visible. Also one seat has been placed in the safety roll cage. Next is the engine, which will enter the garage sooner than expected. More on that in the next update.

GTspirit Garage Ultima GTR Update 09 01

GTspirit Garage Ultima GTR Update 09 02

Update 8: Installing buttons, GPS and heating/cooling

Date: 27/03/11

The first preparations are being made for drilling holes in the dash for buttons, GPS and heating/cooling. The dashboard also got the first parts fitted next to the digidash track system. The pictures show the next steps of the process. Step-by-step the vehicle is coming together.

Update 7: Steering wheel and Digidash finished

Date: 24/03/11

The first things start to be finished. The steering wheel and digidash were outfitted to the cockpit. The digidash is connected to the power system inside the Ultima GTR. The steering wheel cannot be removed, which makes it harder to get in and out the vehicle.

GTspirit Garage Ultima GTR Update 07 01

Update 6: Wiring and first parts installed

Date: 20/03/11

The very first parts have been installed in the cockpit. On the picture you can clearly see the wiring. The navigation system has also been installed. The stereo amplifier will be positioned in the back of the luggage space. The wiring has started, but there are still thousand of cables to identify and to label, before the cable tree is finished.

GTspirit Garage Ultima GTR Update 06

Update 5: New parts have arrived

Date: 16/03/11

Today new parts arrived which will be included in the interior. The OMP steering wheel has a horizontal lower section so you can access the sports car more easily. The four-point Profi II ASM seat harness is made by Schroth. The Digidash will be placed behind the steering wheel and offers numerous options like a GPS antenna for lap times. The system has shift lights, built-in warning lights, rpm, speed, gear, and warning alarms. You can change all the settings of the system via USB and a PC. A great addition to the setup of this sports car providing all the appropriate data to the driver.

Update 4: Basic construction has started

Date: 04/03/11

The first phases of the basic construction have started. The construction has started with the basic monocoque. All future parts are connected to the structure shown on the pictures. The owner has tested the seats. They are like a second skin and weight almost nothing. For the feet you don’t have a lot of space. Especially in height there is not a lot of space in the cabin. A Digidash will be outfitted behind the steering wheel.

The installation of the fueling system has also been accomplished. In the end it was quite more complicate than expected, because the car has two fuel tanks: one on the right (installed yet and one on the left side (not installed yet). Brakes and main part of the cooling system were installed as well.

Update 3: Powertain 7.0 liter C5R engine on its way

Date: 03/03/11

The engine has been chosen. The Ultima GTR will be powered by an aluminum Henrik’s racing 427 C.I. – 7.0 liter Super Duty C5R engine producing 620hp and 700Nm of maximum torque. The engine will be the hart of the street-legal racer and converts the power to the road via a Porsche 911 GT2 gearbox.

GTspirit Garage Ultima GTR Update 03

Update 2: Parts have arrived from the UK

Date: 02/03/11

GTspirit Garage Ultima GTR Update 02

Over the past few days the first parts fo the Ultima GTR project have arrived from the official manufacturer in the UK, Ultima Sports Limited. The pictures below show the first parts being delivered to the workshop. The delivery included a GTR body in Black, chassis, cockpit and bodywork parts.

Update 1: Start of a project

Date: 09/01/11

The initial project of the Ultima GTR has started. For those who don’t know this car it is a kit car from the UK. The total weight is about 900kg. The engine has not been chosen yet, but numerous options are available up to this point. At the beginning the owner was opting for an LS7; a 7.0 liter motor from the corvette Z06, but the motor builder proposed a motor C5R. The gearbox will be probably from a Porsche 997 GT2. On the inside the dashboard will change. The first pieces from the UK will arrive mid February.

The owner will keep you and us updated on the process of the build.

General project information

GTspirit Garage Ultima GTR

The exciting Ultima GTR road car is the result of over twenty years of research and development and is a product that takes the Ultima marque to sensational levels of fit, finish and performance. The world renowned GTR really is a supercar in every sense of the word, which has officially humbled every last mainstream car on the planet by none.

In 2006 the GTR was crowned as the fastest production car in the world, beating the likes of the Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari Enzo and McLaren F1. In short the Ultima is the weapon of choice for the car enthusiast that not only wants to own the fastest car on the planet but also wants to experience the intimate knowledge of the car of his desire. The end result is a car that is causing a real sensation wherever it’s seen, the main goal of any Ultima GTR owner.

The different time steps of the development are shard with us and you. Every single time new information is being provided to us, it will be displayed here giving you the option to follow the development of the sports car.