Luca Montezemolo beaches a Ferrari California at the Ferrari World Finals in Valencia

Montezemolo Beached California

Today at Ferrari’s World Finals in Valencia, Luca Montezemolo, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa manage to get a Ferrari California stuck in a Gravel Trap on a parade lap.

Every year the final round of the Italian, European and North American series of the Ferrari Challenge Pirelli Trophy and the Shell Ferrari Historic Challenge are held at the Ferrari’s World Finals in Valencia, where Ferrari bring along various toys and members of the racing family along.

This year is no exception, with Ferrari California’s and Ferrari 458 Italia on show, while Luca Montezemolo, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa also attended and did a lap of the circuit in the new Ferrari California.

Unfortunately for the trio it didn’t go as planned, as for some reason Luca Montezemolo, who was driving the California, decided to drive into the gravel pit, resulting in the car being beached very quickly.

Both Alonso and Massa attempted to free the stricken California, but to no avail. Fortunately for them another Ferrari California turns up shortly after to give then a lift back.

Check out the videos of Luca Montezemolo beaching the Ferrari California in the gravel trap below!


Published: November 15, 2009 9:22 pm

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  • Secret Entourage

    What a waste of car and driver, Why would they do that?

  • bibou


  • honza_rox

    The cali probably saw itself in the mirror that day…

  • Turboman

    So this is not a good day for Californias^^