Spotted: Lexus LF-A in Monaco

Spotted Lexus LF-A in Monaco

The first ever supercar developed by Lexus has been spotted in Monaco by Flickr member Kyter MC. The LF-A has German dealer plates from Cologne and was parked near a pavement in the small sovereign city-state in South Western Europe.
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Credits to Kyter MC

Published: February 28, 2010 12:43 am

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  • lee

    wow, this car sure gets around!!! i went to a car meet on sunday hosted by Radio2 DJ Chris Evans, & this car arrived in Surrey with the TV Chef, James Martin behind the wheel…

    Who actually owns this car?

    Awesome car though, sounded beautiful & looks beautifully different for once.

  • AMG133

    One of the best supercars ever made by a Japanses manfucterer

  • avalancher

    Hideously looking, overpriced, underpowered Lexus.

  • James

    very beautiful car