Top Gear Caught Filming by Embarrassing Parents

Top Gear Caught Filming by Embarrassing Parents

GTspirit readers are true fans of Top Gear. Right? I know it is quite a statement, but we do think we can say so. The happy couple in the video below are also fans of the British TV show and they spotted Clarkson, Hammond and May driving some pretty special motorhomes on the A303 in the UK.

The two ridiculously over excited parents filmed the Top Gear team and videocalled their Top Gear loving 10-year-old son Oscar while passing the trio.

Just watch the video and enjoy the embarrassing moment.
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Published: May 11, 2010 8:35 pm

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  • Neil

    Good to see the gumball watchers found something else to do with their spare time.

  • Glen

    I would be excited too. It’s not everyday you get to see some
    wanker (private school?) who is allowed to bon vivan around the world at your tax paying expense. Morons. At least we can now understand why Jeremy and his like turn his nose down on various people. What an embarassing display.

  • Kenny

    hahahahahahahaha very crazy family

  • Zaky13

    I would be exactly the same!!!

  • jpn

    I would be equally excited

  • wsq

    hahaha good laugh

  • Steven


  • LMAO

    Hahahahaha… crazy people

  • Mustangeleanor

    so funny………