Audi R8 Spyder Car Cover for Unhappy BMW and Mercedes Owners

Audi R8 Spyder Car Cover for Unhappy BMW and Mercedes Owners

The latest in the Audi advertisement campaign against the other German brands is this car cover aimed at BMW and Mercedes-Benz owners who are disappointed with their vehicles, as well as the rest of us who can’t afford one really.

Don’t have an Audi R8 Spyder? Now you can pretend to have one. Trick your neighbors, and best of all, trick yourself into thinking you have the car of your dreams. Perfect for the BMW or Mercedes owner in your life filled with regret.

Anybody here that wants one?

[Via Carscoop]

Published: December 22, 2010 1:14 pm

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  • Neos281

    Well Audi fits into my idea of fun, luxury and safety. Perhaps my perception is off seeing as how I’m 26, American and drive a Saleen, lol (I know some of you got a kick out of that one). Truth be told, I appreciate most European brands but I choose Audi/Porsche. By far (and this is an opinion), a quality built vehicle and superior to most Euro competitors.

  • Michael

    Audi is a favourite brand jive ass people. Audi build good cars but this reason cross out this brand for real able people. Mercedes and BMW – this is a choice !!!

  • El3m3nt

    all of german is crap for me..the cars look nice, maybe are good but stupid!
    ….stupid and overpriced!


  • Dave

    @Neos281: Meeting the standard? You amuse me.

  • kris_vd

    Yeah! Audi is choice…
    …for retired people! If you are young car enthusiast what you are going to chose: RWD fun or AWD safe? Audi makes very good cars, but they are completely castrated from fun. So please people stop arguing which one is the best, this is stupid. They are all on the market and everybody can buy what he likes. There is no the best carmaker in the world. There is the best carmaker fo me, the best for you, the best for somebody. For me this is Ferrari. But I will never say they are the best in the world. Thaey are the best for my taste. Period!

  • Neos281

    haha no Dave! While BMW and Mercedes have done well at meeting the standard, Audi keeps resetting the benchmark. Audi is choice!

  • Dave

    But BMW and Mercedes are better than Audi. That’s why Audis are always driven badly, because the drivers feel that they have something to prove.

  • alex

    where can i buy this…looks lika ultimative gift;)

  • kris_vd

    Why they keep doing that? This is stupid and childish!

  • dawid

    hahaha that´s cool

  • Peter

    audi failed…again :D

  • Swank

    Haha, that’s really great.

  • Zinn

    i should get this for austin. lol