Black Rush Porsche Cayman by Anibal Automotive Design

Black Rush Porsche Cayman by Anibal Automotive Design

Anibal Automotive Design from Montreal is famous for their tuning packages on Porsche’s, especially the 911 and the Cayman series. This particular Porsche Cayman received a body kit that is a complete replacement of the stock panels with no add on and the material used is fiberglass, but they offer optional full carbon fiber. It uses HRE wheels sizing 9×20 at the front and 11×20 at the rear.

They maintained the original daylight, taillight and mirrors of the Cayman. The interior is optional but they don’t change the original design, instead they put better quality material.

Published: September 10, 2012 11:55 am

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  • Earlsimx

    @Shante haha yes! its the only series of the Porsche i love, its good looking and can still go fast enough:)

  • shante

    Very Nice!!!! This car is beautiful. I bet is rides on the road like a top layer of concrete and huggs curves like a fitted sheet on a bed.

  • Earlsimx

    haha, @shawn all credit to the guys at Anibal Automotive Design…they have quite a ollection of those:)

  • Shawn

    dayum that looks good