Video: McLaren in The Night of Sao Paulo Brazil

Video McLaren in The Night of Sao Paulo Brazil

Take two McLaren 12Cs and film them in Sao Paulo, Brasil. Edit the whole lot in a really nice fashion, use some of Ayrton Senna’s quotes and achievements on film and this is what you get. One brilliant video featuring the present and the history of the McLaren brand.

Published: October 27, 2012 2:03 pm

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  • Pit

    Yes senna was my favourite F1 driver still is today…

    Sorry but dont like MS!

  • gluglu

    Definitely a vulgar copy of the NSX ad.
    We know that McLaren’s design department is stupid enough to put a smile on the 12C’s face, but this is a shame.
    And, by the way, dear Ron Dennis, it’s also very stupid to have all your employees wear black shirts. Read the reference book of Dr. Max Lüscher, “The Color Test”, to hopefully understand how colors impact our mind.

  • Bente

    Notice the shaky, badly done brown box at the end (beginning of the credits)?? They tried to cover up “McLaren Brazil” with “Mclaren MP4-12C at Sao Paulo” ..LOL

  • Bente

    It’s a cheap rip-off – see Format67’s Honda NSX film, ..Senna quotes, even the music is copied

  • GuitarSlinger

    The video ? Kind of cool . But ………..

    The use of Senna’s quotes etc ? Tasteless . I’m betting neither the family or the Senna Foundation has given permission to do so either . I’ll bet Bernie’s legal beagles will be having their say about this as well with all the F1 footage it includes . Bet McLaren isn’t gonna be too happy either

    To the producers of this travesty . If you can’t create a video that can stand on its own without co- opting others names and images ……. stick to your day jobs and give it up . You’ve got nothing to bring to the table and are in fact Pastiche makers … not film makers