1,600hp Bugatti SuperVeyron Arrives Next Year

1,600bhp Bugatti SuperVeyron Arrives Next Year

New information has been released regarding the new 1,600hp Bugatti Veyron, which will be the world’s fastest supercar when it arrives next year and is released at the 2013 IAA Motor Show. The renders released by AutoExpress.co.uk show how the all-new ‘super’ Veyron could look like. Chief vehicle engineer Jens Schulenburg told the British magazine;

We are working on the next super-sports car. The big challenge will be reducing weight – we are looking at some incredible technologies, such as wheels made entirely from carbon fiber. We’re considering hybrids, too.

The development and release of the Veyron Hyper Sport includes a lower weight of 250kg via the use of even more carbon fiber, more horsepower and an even more mind-boggling top speed of 288mph. Driven, as usual, by grandmaster Ferdinand Piech himself, the Ultra Bugatti gets a beefed up 8.0 liter (or 9.6 liter) engine that delivers 1,600hp.
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The rumored acceleration time from 0-100km/h is 1.8 seconds, which would better the upcoming Ferrari Enzo replacement and the McLaren P1 hypercar. The secret to all this is a weight saving of almost 550 pounds over the Veyron Super Sport. At 3,527 pounds, the limited-edition Veyron for the super mad and the super rich achieves a power-to-weight ratio of one kg (2.2 pounds) per hp.

Published: November 15, 2012 9:01 pm

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  • Easton mcferran

    I’ve got to say that this is a awsome car and its not big at all no more
    Bigger then a Toyota supra and I like that there making it 500lbs lighter with a quicker
    0-60 mph time 1.8 that’s nice and a 2.2 ft/lbs ratio that’s amazing I’ll pre order one in full tomorrow

  • Ghepardo

    The original Veyron was supposed to be a money loser, but now that they sell them at twice the price with small tweaks, why not build a next generation car? I’m guessing this is another of those 1.5 generation cars like the Gallardo LP560-4 and Murcielago LP640-4 carrying over the major components like the expensive carbon monocoque and that transmission in particular.

  • David

    @wtv, 5000hp true story? HAHAHAH yer-um.. NO.

  • wtv

    I heard it will be a 5000hp and 0.7secs to 60mph.

    true story

  • Mike

    That’s ridiculous however that thing is so ugly, it looks like an oversized stationwagon..

  • Pit

    I heard they have a handful of 1800hp already get’n around..

    Got’a get my name down on one of them.

  • urdrago

    2,7->1,8??? Really ???

  • The_Devil

    That is INSANE!!