Official: McLaren MP4-12C by RevoZport

McLaren MP4-12C by Revozport

RevoZport have announced a new bumper set for the McLaren MP4-12C. It adds the McLaren MSO look for a reduced cost. Its called the RHZ and it features plastic honeycomb grilles. Its a carbon fiber product weighing just 3kg and featuring improved downforce and aggressive looks.

Revozport also have an add-on lip spoiler, side skirt set and a complete rear air tunnel in development. The new front bumper has been fitted to a car in Dubai already, as you can see from the photos.

Priced at $7,900, SP Engineering can supply and fit to US-based customers.

Published: December 23, 2012 3:14 pm

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  1. 1M man says:

    Lol it was bound to happen.. someone to make a MSO look kit for less .

  2. AMM says:

    The first picture is mine and its a Mclaren Mp4-12c High Sport, I made it on June and it was in Spain….